xMount@Professional light iPad 2017 Car Mount
xMount@Professional light iPad 2017 Car Mount
xMount@Professional light iPad 2017 Car Mount
xMount@Professional light iPad 2017 Car Mount

xMount@Professional light iPad 2017 Car Mount

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€349.00 *

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Technical data
xMount@Professional light iPad 2017 Car Mount

xMount@Professional light.

xMount@Professional light is the customized iPad 2017 holder for every-day usage in cars or lorries. This most stable iPad 2017 holder is mounted in the passenger’s footwell – absolutely without drilling and screwing, and hence without damaging the car or lorry. The special, patented spreading technology lets you mount this holder in just a few seconds and remove it again – in a manner of speaking it is clamped in the footwell. Thus, xMount@Professional light is also suitable for all professional drivers giving away cars or lorries again at the end of their working day. The difference to the xMount Professional is the material of the ball joint: In the Light version it consists of plastics, in Professional of metal.

xMount iPad 2017 Holder Basis // Advantages and features:

    •    Protected unique slide-in technology
    •    Manufactured accurately fitting to the iPad 2017 down to the millimetre.
    •    All buttons and interfaces remain freely accessible.
    •    The iPad 2017 is securely fixed and cannot disengage accidentally.
    •    Integrated passive ventilation prevents overheating in case of high
          surrounding temperatures.
    •    ABS plastics free from DEHP

xMount iPad 2017 Holder Mounting System // Advantages and features:

    •    Spreading technology allows mounting the iPad 2017 holder
          without drilling.
    •    Adjustable for widths of 47 - 65 cm (1.85" to 2.56") between the
          engine tunnel and the door sill.
    •    The pressing forces are controlled by a spring system.
    •    One-time adjustment of the spreading width.
    •    Once the basic adjustment is done, the base can be mounted and
          removed within ten seconds.
    •    The vertical tube can be adjusted by 10 cm (3.94")
    •    For removing the iPad 2017 holder just pull off the tube from the base.
    •    The base does not disturb the front passenger.
    •    In case you will not use the iPad 2017 holder for a longer time you can take
          out the base in a few seconds.
    •    iPad 2017 holder infinitely rotatable by 360 degrees.
    •    The iPad 2017 holder can be adjusted vertically by 60 degrees in order to
          achieve different viewing angles.
    •    Base rotatable by 360 degrees
    •    Every position can be fixed with set screws.

Scope of delivery: xMount Base, spreading technology for installation.