xMount@Dock² iPad Pro 11" dockingstation
xMount@Dock² iPad Pro 11" dockingstation
xMount@Dock² iPad Pro 11" dockingstation

xMount@Dock² iPad Pro 11" dockingstation


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Technical data
xMount@Dock² iPad Pro 11" dockingstation
Passend für iPad Modell mit USB-C Ladebuchse

  • iPad Pro 12,9" (2018)
  • iPad Pro 12,9" (2020)
  • iPad Pro 12,9" (2021)
  • iPad Pro 11" (2018)
  • iPad Pro 11" (2020)
  • iPad Pro 11" (2021)
  • iPad Air 4 10,9" (2020)
  • iPad Air 5 10,9" (2022)

xMount@Dock² - iPad Pro 11" docking station: made of aluminum

With the iPad Dock xMount@Dock² your iPad Pro 11" finally has a permanent place on the desk. Thanks to the angle of 40°, your iPad stands in the aluminum docking station when charging and synchronizing so that you always have an eye on it and can e- Manage emails or take a video call, all without taking it out. The shape of the docking station is ergonomically chosen so that your hand can grip the dock while you operate your device. So you can also write longer texts without it being uncomfortable.

The dock is machined from a high-quality block of aluminum. The extra grippy underside and the high weight of 1kg guarantee that your iPad will remain stable, even when things get hectic. The stylish dock can accommodate all iPads with USB-C with and without a cover. The lower receptacle in which the USB-C cable is integrated is designed in such a way that it can be adjusted in height, so it is also possible to use the dock with an iPad cover to use. It is available in two colors to match your iPad : aluminum and black

xMount@Dock // Features and Benefits: 

  • Stylish dock for the iPad, milled from a block of aluminum
  • Holds all iPad models with USB-C securely in place while charging
  • Available in three colors: aluminum, black and gold.
  • Non-slip underside for a secure stand without scratching
  • Quick operation at a glance, with a handle 
  • Works with iPad cover too

Scope of delivery: xMount@Dock charging cable is not included in the scope of delivery