xMount@Bike iPhone 8 bike mount
xMount@Bike iPhone 8 bike mount
xMount@Bike iPhone 8 bike mount
xMount@Bike iPhone 8 bike mount

xMount@Bike iPhone 8 bike mount

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€29.95 *

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Technical data
xMount@Bike iPhone 8 bike mount

xMount@Bike – iPhone 8 Holder for handlebars or piping anchorage

Make your iPhone 8 your personal fitness trainer using xMount@Bike: Gather momentum inspired by your favourite music or relax during cycling by your talking book – using xMount@Bike the iPhone 8 becomes an integral part of your fitness program.

Should you wish to sweat in good company as well, you can immediately evaluate your sports achievements and communicate them to others – without missing any important call.

And after sports, you remove the iPhone from the holder in no time – the most sportive solution.

xMount iPhone 8 Holder Basis // Advantages and features:

    •    Protected unique slide-in technology
    •    Manufactured accurately fitting to the iPhone 8 down to the millimetre.
    •    All buttons and interfaces remain freely accessible.
    •    The iPhone 8 is securely fixed and cannot disengage accidentally.
    •    Integrated passive ventilation prevents overheating in case of
          high surrounding temperatures.
    •    ABS plastics free from DEHP

xMount iPhone 8 Holder Mounting System // Advantages and features:

    •    The iPhone 8 holder can be mounted in upright format of
          landscape format as required.
    •    With two rubber pads for fixing to the handle bar
    •    Adjusts to every diameter of the handle bar
          between 2.4 (0.94") and 3.5 cm (1.38")
    •    Weight: 43 grams

Scope of delivery: xMount Basis tube mounting