xMount@Static iPhone Xs table stand
xMount@Static iPhone Xs table stand
xMount@Static iPhone Xs table stand

xMount@Static iPhone Xs table stand

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Technical data
xMount@Static iPhone Xs table stand

xMount@Static iPhone Table Stand

xMount Static is the design iPhone stand reduced up to the most essential. With its gel adhesive feet the smart aluminum stand sticks to every surface. The iPhone itself is pressed on a similar adhesion-retained plate. So you can place it on any table or counter, but also remove it again if required to hold it in your hands.

The xMount Static is milled from a block of aluminum and you can hold it safely and heavily in your hand. There are two gel adhesive pads applied under the foot. Their adhesive effect provides for the iPhone stand sticking safe and powerful at every table surface – like the feet of a gecko. So it is impossible to dislocate or even throw the stand from the table in the hectic workaday life. And nevertheless: A stout-hearted lifting is sufficient for loosening the xMount Static and for positioning it at another place without leaving any residue.

Also the iPhone is mounted on the xMount Static via an adhesive surface. And once the iPhone is placed on the bearing surface, it holds safely. The hinge allows for the iPhone being adjusted exactly in the angle which allows perfect reading. 

So the iPhone can be perfectly used at the desk. And in contrast to other stand systems, the iPhone can be easily removed from the Static to hold it in your hands if this is more comfortable.

xMount iPhone Static // Benefits and features:

  • Keeps the iPhone safely in position 
  • All buttons and interfaces remain freely accessible    
  • Milled from a block of aluminum
  • Height 17 cm, width 15 cm, depth 13.5 cm

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